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The Suicide of Sophie Rae

Detective Sean McGovern discovered his empathic ability as a child - he could see and hear the dead - until his strict Irish-Catholic mother forbade him from listening to the voice of “the devil”.

He buried his desire to use his intuitive gift until he grew to stop acknowledging it to it altogether. Years later, a woman is found dead in an apparent suicide, but something is off, and McGovern is called to work on the case.

At the scene he starts to feel that old familiar pang in his gut. The women is not your typical Jane Doe, stuck in limbo between heaven and earth, she’s got a story to tell and must tell it from beyond. McGovern must resurrect his gift in order to listen, to see the subtle clues that lead him to the reason she did this to herself. If not, a dark soul will continue to go on hurting others.

The Suicide of Sophie Rae is a tale of lies, deception, and misguided faith.

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