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Gifting Lenny Kravitz

As an artist I constantly need to be creating; it is what makes me happy and feeds my soul.

I always look for opportunities to be able to express a thought, an idea, an emotion. Though my aim is to be a thriving, working ( i.e. paid) artist, I also take great joy in giving away the art that I have made. To be able to share a painting or piece of jewelry with someone and say, “here, this thing that I have crafted with my hands and my heart is for you, just because”, is so thrilling. I think it brings more joy to me than to the recipient.

I usually know the people that I am gifting, but this day is an exception. Tonight I am going to see Lenny Kravitz perform, and he will be the intended recipient of my gift. Lenny. Kravitz.

Have you ever heard of him? Of course you have! Do you know him? Then you are one lucky soul! I don’t. However, he is not a COMPLETE stranger, I know his music well, and I feel as if I have literally grown up alongside of him. So, tonight, he is playing in my hometown, in a smallish venue that I know well. It is here that I will share my art.

I was going to paint for him, something really cool,  but then I figured he and his crew would not appreciate an extra 30” x 40” carry-on. Instead, I decided jewelry would work. He is a man of great style who wears unique pieces and wears them well. This…is something that I can do!

I decide on connecting round matte Lapis stones together and add an Ethiopian Star of David pendant to make a very unique and wearable necklace. Blue Lapis is beautiful and if you believe in the healing properties of stones, it is said to stimulate spiritual growth and spiritual health. It governs the throat chakra, useful for singers, and helps to ease negative thoughts and anger. Regardless of its healing properties, it is really a pretty stone and this piece will look awesome with blue jeans.

Step one, design and create piece. Step two, get it to Lenny. Uhm…I guess I didn't think this through.

Aside: I am making this as a way to say “thank you for gifting us with your music”. Seriously. That is it. I have a child who is a songwriter/singer and I fully witness the hard work, energy, heart and emotion that goes in to creating music and lyrics. I also see the confidence that it requires to share that with the world. I am truly saying thanks, and, of course I am a fan.

Back to how do I get it to him? I have a few obstacles. One, there is no meet and greet which means there is no “Hey Lenny, I made this for you and blah bi dee blah…” Two, I am not one of those people who is brave enough to “talk my way” past event security; and three, it is Rosh Hashanah, and he may not be able to accept any gifts until month’s end. 

The only light at the end of this velvet rope is that I have “this friend” who works this venue who knows “a guy” who can “maybe” give it to the tour manager who will “possibly” not throw it away… and “hopefully” it will find the hands of Lenny, who will then read my note of both thanks and apology for the bad timing, and “prayers answered” remember to open it in October!

This mission entails a lot of unknown circumstances and chance, but serendipitous things HAVE been known to happen and maybe my little creation will make it to its intended destiny. Maybe one day we will see it on the neck of Lenny, in all it’s glory. Or maybe…we will see it on the neck of the guy sweeping up the glitter and gum after the show, he certainly deserves an article of thanks as well!

I just hope that wherever it ends up, it is appreciated, for it contains a piece of my heart and soul.

Regardless, I will smile and say peace.

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