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Take a Selfless

November is a month when we celebrate Thanksgiving, a month of being thankful for all that we have. Most of us have at least one thing to be thankful for and many of us are blessed with more than enough. That being said, there are others in this world who are in need. This is where we, as human beings, come into play. This is the moment that we all can serve a purpose, when we can lift our fellow man by being selfless. We can give, a dollar, a meal, a smile or just time to another. We can befriend a perfect stranger to let them know that we are there, that we care. 

It costs us nothing to let our fellow man know their worth as a human being.

I saw him from across the street, he was carrying a plastic bag that most likely contained most of what he owned. As he crossed the street he made eye contact with the two women on the corner as if to say hello; they pretended he was invisible. They were probably afraid he would ask them for money, maybe they were just afraid. I made a u-turn and came back around, I would be happy to donate to his cause, but mostly I just wanted to say hello. I asked if I could take his picture. His name is Gary, he used to be a boxer but his career failed when he would not cheat, he would not take the fall in the rigged matches. He served in two wars. @instagram lets start a new movement. In our small world connected by the internet, where everyone is taking selfies, let's take a "selfless". Do something nice for someone and share it with the world! ‪#‎takeaselfless‬