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I 'fear' I have missed the mark a tad...this was supposed to be an October Post  :)

October is synonymous with fear. Mostly in part due to Halloween, when people dress as witches and ghouls to hunt for treats under the light of the moon. 

Last month, I was asked to produce art for the MENSA bulletin. It is a magazine sent to it's members roughly ten times a year. In the October bulletin were to be real life stories, told by MENSA members about actual fears they faced. There were all kinds of accounts of terrifying stories, some life threatening, and I had to come up with one visual interpretation to represent that month's publication as a whole.

I must say, while I was imagining what I would create to symbolize their experiences, I felt fear as well. A fear that I would not do the stories justice. A fear I would not be able to produce the images forming in my mind. Sometimes, as an artist, I can see a thing clearly in my head but I cannot get my hands to execute on canvas, what my mind sees. At least not to my expectations. I wondered (feared) I would struggle with that on this particular piece. And what if I did finally create the thing I was envisioning? Maybe the editors and art directors would not like my work. What then? Yes, the fear was real! However, I would not let that stop me. I was excited to take on the challenge!

Regardless of my fears (insecurities really), I was able to come up with an idea the art director liked. Actually, I presented two different images and they loved and used BOTH of them! One for the cover and one for the main article! I am proud of my work and I am happy I pushed through my own fears; which brings us back to spooky October! Did you know Halloween originated in Ireland and was originally called All Hallow's Eve? It was the eve of All Saints Day, a day when Christians wanted to honor all their saints in Heaven? It was not intended to invoke fear at all, but to be a celebration!

So this October, while children and adults are parading about in costume, some goofy, some scary....running about and spooking each other, have no fear! Just remember it is, after all, not so scary. It is just a quest to fill their sacks full of sweets! 

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